How to Maintain Dell Latitude D630 Laptop Battery and Adapter

Many at times, buying notebook battery isn’t a big deal but what matters is the maintenance of the battery since you can buy a battery and spoil it at the same day. To extend the battery life of your Dell Latitude D630, please make use of tips below.

Calibration: A new Dell latitude battery should be charged for at least 12 hours for the first time. After that, drain the battery till the laptop shuts down. Charge the battery again for more than three hours and shut down your laptop. Thirdly, switch on your laptop since now its ready for use. Calibration not only maximizes the capacity of your Dell Latitude D620 Laptop Battery but also increases its lifespan. Also it’s advisable to repeat this procedure after every thirty charge cycles.

dell-latitude-d530-batteryAdjust your Dell laptop screen solution: Keep your screen at low resolution so as to consume less power from your battery. This shall reduce the rate of charging the battery every now and then and thus make it last for long.

Don’t overcharge the battery: Always ensure that you don’t leave your battery in power connection for too long to avoid overheating. When the Latitude e6400 Battery charge is full, disconnect the ac adapter and use the available charge.

The Dell Latitude D630 laptop ac adapter should not be overstretched while charging: This reduces the rate of wear and tear of the cord’s coating.

Avoid overheating of the laptop power adapter: When an adapter is overheated, it may create short circuit within its system and finally break down.

Always keep the adapter away from metal objects to avoid contact with its tip: Contact of the adapter’s tip with metal objects creates short circuits and shock which are dangerous to its lifespan as well as your laptop.

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