How to increase Dell latitude e6500 laptop battery runtime

Dell Latitude E6500 is a 15-inch powerful business laptop designed to survive a full day of use and abuse, the black color makes the E6500 finally look elegant—like an efficient tool for a serious job. The only resemblance of the old, gray and silver days are the hinges and battery life. The BIOS has nice options to prolong the battery life—ExpressCharge lets you choose the charging speed (I left “slow” intact, according to Dell not all batteries allow fast charging) and the ability to disable charging at all.

dell-inspiron-6400-laptop-batteryToday, UK reliable laptop batteries battery experts share our top tips for squeezing those extra minutes out of your Dell latitude e6500 battery. A lot of the tips are similar to those forimproving smartphone battery life and no wonder: at their hearts, laptops and smartphones use a lot of the same technologies. Whether you own a Windows laptop or are running a different operating system, follow these general tips and your laptop will last longer between charges.

1. Change the power settings

By default, your laptop might be set to Windows’ ‘Balanced’ setting rather than Power Saver. In the Control Panel search for Power Options and check which Power Plan is selected. Don’t forget that Windows uses different power and performance settings depending on whether it is running on mains or battery power.

In general terms, what you’re looking to do is ensure that the operating system does its utmost to save power where possible. This means turning the screen off after a short period of inactivity, such as when you’re making a coffee, and turning off the hard drive or even going to sleep if nothing appears to be happening.

2. Dim laptop screen

By far the biggest power drain on most laptops is the screen. Or, to be more specific, the screen’s backlight. This is what enables you to see the colours on an LCD screen, and some laptops have power-sapping fluorescent backlights. More modern notebooks have LED backlights, but even these use a fair amount of juice.

Simply reducing the screen brightness can add 30 minutes or more to your Dell latitude e6500 battery life. If your laptop allows it, use the keys or buttons near the keyboard to adjust the brightness. Typically, you’ll hold the Fn key and press one of the function keys in the top row, or one of the cursor keys labelled with a sun symbol.

3. Don’t leave your Dell latitude e6500 laptop on permanent charge

Lithium-ion batteries are relatively clever in that they can’t be overcharged, but it’s not good for the long-term health of your battery to leave your laptop always plugged in to the mains. Some manufacturers (including Sony and Lenovo) provide a utility which limits the battery from fully charging.

This helps to prevent battery degradation and means you can leave the laptop always connected to the mains. When you want to use your laptop on battery power and get maximum battery life, disable the limiter and allow the laptop to charge to 100 percent.

4. Disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

If you’re not using them, disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Both radios can use a fair amount of power, so it makes sense to turn them off when you’re on battery power. Most laptops have a switch or key combination to disable Wi-Fi, but Bluetooth can be trickier.

Some manufacturers provide a utility (often obvious in the Start menu) for enabling or disabling Bluetooth, but if in doubt, you can head to the Device Manager in the Control Panel, scroll through the list of hardware until you find the Bluetooth adapter, right-click on it and choose Disable.

5. Remove unnecessary peripherals

Leaving a disc in your DVD drive is a sure way to reduce battery life, as it might spin up whenever you launch a Windows Explorer window or access the Save dialog in an application.

Any USB accessories you leave connected, such as portable hard disks or USB web cams will also draw Dell latitude e5400 battery power, so disconnect them if they’re not needed.

6. Get a spare laptop battery

We mentioned this at the start, but why not invest in a replacement laptop battery? They’re available for many laptops, and you might even find that your laptop can accept a higher-capacity extended life battery than was supplied originally. Say your battery is a ‘6-cell’ unit. Swapping this for a ‘9-cell’ should give a third extra running time.

Dell lattitude laptop allow you to remove the DVD drive and install a second battery in its place.

Alternatively, buy a universal laptop battery that comes with a variety of ‘tips’ to suit just about any laptop. You simply charge it up, choose the appropriate tip and connect it to your laptop’s power socket when the internal battery runs low. The external battery charges the internal battery or, if you remove the internal battery, powers the laptop directly.

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