Improve Toshiba satellite pro a120 laptop battery life and performance tips

In the quest for all-day laptop battery life, these are several simple tips you can follow to improve your Toshiba satellite pro a120 laptop battery life and performance.

Turn your Toshiba satellite pro a120 laptop screen brightness down

The most obvious has the most impact. Running at around 40 per cent is still quite usable on most laptops, and will give you a lot more time. In Windows 7, you can also set how quickly the screen will dim or turn off when not in use by right clicking on the battery icon in the system tray and choosing Power Options.

Keep Toshiba satellite pro a120 laptop battery Cool and Clean

Clean out your Toshiba satellite pro a120 battery’s metal contacts every once in a while with a soft cloth damped with rubbing alcohol. This will make power transfer from your battery to the laptop more efficient. Clean out the air vents so that air can circulate freely and so that the temperature does not rise too high.


Turn off radios

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, WWAN — unless you’re using them.  Toshiba satellite pro a120 laptop offer keyboard shortcuts to turn off radios, although, in some cases, you’ll have to head to Device Manager to disable them.

To turn off Wi-Fi on your Mac, click the AirPort icon at the top right of your menu bar, and select Turn Wi-Fi off. You can do the same for Bluetooth. Radios are less of a deal on laptops than Smartphone, in terms of battery consumption, but every bit counts.

Unplug any USB devices

Toshiba satellite pro a120 laptop allow you to adjust Toshiba pa3285u-3bas laptop battery power saving features on USB ports, too — we’d suggest investigating your vendor’s own power management tool to see if the option exists.

Close any unused programs

Make sure to head to check your system tray/menu bar for background processes, as well. The less work the machine has to do, the less Toshiba Satellite L500 series laptop battery it will chew up.

Turn off sound

It won’t make a huge difference, but muting your laptop when sound’s not required, or at the very least lowering the volume when playing music, will scrape back a little more power.

Spend time in your vendor’s power-management tool

Toshiba laptop allow user to engage in power saving activities, like turning off optical drive and setting more advanced power plans.

Spend time in your OS power-management tool

For Windows users, right click on the Toshiba satellite a200 battery icon in the system tray and choose Power Options. You should now be able to tweak your power plans to your heart’s desire by clicking Change plan settings, then Change advanced power settings.

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