HP 484170-001 Laptop Battery Best Care Tips

HP 484170-001 Laptop Battery needs to be maintained so as to last its full battery life. It should be fully charged and fully discharged at least once in two or three weeks. However this is with the exception of lithium-ion batteries which don’t suffer the memory effect. To increase the meter accuracy of HP Pavilion battery, you need to fully charge and discharge it regularly, at least once every 30 charges. If it is to be stored, the battery should first be fully charged. It should be kept in a cool, clean and dry location in the period it is not in use.

hp-pavilion-dv6-notebook-batteriesNever hit, crush, pierce, dismantle or try disassembling HP Pavilion DV6 Battery as it could be dangerous. Also don’t place any metallic object on the battery’s connect metal since the terminals may become short circuited.

Best Care tips for HP 484170-001 Notebook Battery

HP Pavilion dv5 AC Adapter needs proper care to last for long. Only use the adapter model specified on your laptop to avoid the adapter or your device getting damaged. Do not use the HP Mini adapter with other laptops or devices since current may differ even if the output voltage they require is similar.

If the HP PPP012H-S Laptop AC Adapter fails to charge battery, don’t try any serious troubleshooting yet. First check if it is properly plugged into the power socket. This way, you’d avoid unnecessary repairs and save some money. When charging HP Mini laptop, first put the adapter’s output plug into the power jack of the laptop then put the input plug on the power outlet. Keep the adapter in a dry place with room temperature.

Replacing HP 484170-001 laptop battery

When HP Mini battery is unable to hold a charge or power the laptop anymore, it may need to be replaced. Replacement laptop battery should only be purchased at authorized agencies. When replacing the battery, first shut down your HP Pavilion laptop. Remove the old battery to be replaced and install the new battery properly according to the position of laptop battery and interface. To ensure that the new battery and the laptop have good contact, turn off security lock.

Once done, try switching on the laptop. If it gets switched on, there’s good contact between your HP Mini laptop and the battery. If it does not, repeat the procedure. Avoid connecting and disconnecting the adapter continuously when replacing the battery as it may affect battery life .

HP laptop battery review

HP laptop battery batteries have high Li-Ion high capacity which provides more power output than the standard system batteries. Compared to previous technologies, modern laptop batteries for HP laptops have a longer battery life and longer running time. They also don’t suffer memory effect, a problem where battery capacity was lost if batteries were not fully charged and discharged regularly. Most HP batteries are Li-Ion batteries but there are also other types like NiCad batteries which are less commonly used. All battery types differ from each other and you cannot substitute them if the laptop manufacturer has not pre-configured your device to accept different types of battery chemistry.

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